Arkiv för september, 2014

Brev från Dr. Nyachowe om kaninprojektet

Dear Friends

How are you? We are doing well at work and home.

May I inform  rabbit head count at Hutano today at 1445hrs is 52 
That excludes those young bunnies whose eyes are not yet open.
We have decided against touching the very young because
mother bunnies refused to feed last time after touching them. We have had two adult bunny deaths to dysentery. We treated the
rest some prophylactically. Have had several episodes were
inexperienced young mother bunnies delivered without preparing
nests and baby bunnies died due to exposure. Diary is being
maintained. Am planning to construct two more cabins of three cubicles each
this month as we expect some mother bunnies to deliver. I have
set aside some cash outside Hutano budget. Best wishes from Africa, Zimbabwe Chandiwana. 122

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